About us

Academila is an easy way to teach and learn online. It is a cloud-based learning delivery platform with a set of integrated resources, including the virtual classroom (coming soon), course management, content authoring, video streaming (coming soon), tests and assessments, knowledge and analysis, and mobile learning.

How we started

Academila was founded by Walter Queiroz and Camila Martins with the idea to create a cloud-based Internet platform where educators and students can connect..

Since its creation in 2019, Academila has trained instructors, educational service providers and companies to deliver and manage individual and group learning, easy to use, scalable and economical technology.

Reasonable prices

Low prices! They are possible thanks to the economical way in which classes are produced, stored in the cloud and delivered over the Internet.

24/7 Customer Service

Messages sent to info@academila.com are answered quickly and efficiently.

Easy learning

You study at a time and place, and you can repeat each class as many times as you want.